The Australian Research Council (ARC) is a Commonwealth entity and advises the Australian Government on research matters, administers the National Competitive Grants Programme, a significant component of Australia’s investment in research and development, and has responsibility for Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). The Australian Research Council (ARC) plays an important role in the provision of Government support for research in Australia and our mission is to deliver policy and programmes that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community. In seeking to achieve its mission, the ARC supports the highest-quality fundamental and applied research and research training through national competition across all disciplines.

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The Art Gallery of South Australia was founded in 1881 and collects and displays art from Australia, Europe and North America, and Asia. The Gallery has one of the largest art museum collections in Australia, numbering around 38,000 works. The AGSA is the only state gallery in Australia with a permanent collection of Islamic Art on display. Curator of Asian Art, James Bennett, and Assistant Curator of Asian Art, Russell Kelty oversee the collection. Their exhibitions include Crescent Moon: Islamic Art & Civilisation in Southeast Asia (2005/06), Realms of Wonder: Jain, Hindu, and Islamic Art of India (2013/14), Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices (2015), and More Ink than Ocean: the Art of Writing in Islam (2015/16).

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The Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) was established by the Australian Government in January 2003, as an initiative to strengthen ties between Australia and Arab countries. CAAR aims to promote between the peoples of Australia and the Arab world mutual interests and a greater understanding and acceptance of each other’s cultures, values, beliefs and diversity.

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Gale, part of Cengage Learning, is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. Best known for its authoritative reference content, its intelligent organisation of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, and its global programme in digitising historical primary sources, Gale creates and maintains more than 600 databases that are published online, in print, as e-Books and in microform. In 2015 Gale launched their programme of online Arabic primary sources for research and teaching. Guided by an international Advisory Board, the programme will develop to include the most important collections of Arabic-language materials for research and teaching – from historic newspapers and periodicals, to early printed books and manuscripts with fine calligraphy – dating from different time periods and provenance.

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